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Tall Barney & His People

Tall Barney's forefather Authur Beal Jr originally came from Plympton, Devonshire, England c1655 and settled in York Maine. Barney's Great Grandfather, Manwarren Beal Jr, moved to Beals Island Maine mid-1700's. The "Beal" name can also be spelled as "Beale".  

Local Sports Photo Exhibit

Look at local photos of past sports teams. 

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Time & Tide Project

There are things in life over which we have some measure of control, but the old adage reminds us that “time and tide wait for no man.” The passing of time, and the ebb and flow of the tides, remind us that generations have come and gone in our small island community and as surely as our elders depart this scene, so too goes a wealth of knowledge, folklore and history that is likely lost forever.​

- By Daniel F. Davis

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Our vision for the future is a permanent exhibit, open to the public year-round. You can support Beals Historical Society through tax deductible donations, using Amazon smile, or purchasing collectibles, books, and/or personalized bricks.



The mission of the Beals Historical Society is to promote interest in Moosabec area historical matters, to provide a common ground for those desiring to explore the past and to display artifacts and documents of historical value while keeping the spirit of community alive.

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