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Barnabas Coffin Beal, III


Welcome to the Tall Barney and His People exhibit. 

Here you will find information and photos of people who descend from Barnabas Coffin Beal, III and his wife, Phebe Stanwood Beal. If you descend from these people, please feel free to email photos, including identification's, to, as we would love to publish them to this site.  Let's have a virtual family reunion!  We look forward to meeting you!  

Barnabus Coffin Beal, III was born, on Beal's Island, on December 13, 1835 and died there on February 1, 1899. His parents were Barnabas Coffin Beal, II and Lucinda B. Doyle. Barney's livelihood was that of a fisherman. On December 19, 1855 he married, Phebe Ann Stanwood who was born in Milbridge on November 16, 1840 and died at Beals on March 10, 1917.  Her parents were Daniel C. and Amy Ann (Pinkham) Stanwood. Barney and Phebe had twelve children between 1858 and 1885.  The last child died from scarlet fever at the age of one. 


The following excerpt is from the "Tall Barney and His People" book:  "Tall Barney was a man of contrasts, a gentle giant.  On one hand, he was feared for his unusual size and strength.  On the other, he was regarded as a kind-hearted family man who would not pick a fight but also would not stand idly by while another was treated unjustly.  Descendants tell of his bringing home hungry strangers to share the family meal and of written orders he gave grocers to supply the needs of destitute families and he would see that the bill was paid."

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Phebe Stanwood Beal

Tall Barney's Children

John A. Beal, II

Born April 23, 1858; and died April 7, 1924.

Amy Ann

Born February 15, 1860; and died June 14,1933.

Lucinda Jane

Born April 26, 1862; and died  May 1,1939.

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George Washington

Born March 27,1864; and died January 10, 1944.

Freeman Willis

Born February 9, 1866; and died March 22, 1932.

Sarah Margaret "Maggie"

Born August 23, 1868; and died March,1942

Charles Henry

Born August 4, 1871; and died January 23, 1951.

Julia Amanda

Born December 10, 1873; and died at St Stephen NB on July 4, 1922.

Nehemiah Ingalls 

Born January 14, 1876; and died in Portland on October 25, 1968.

Napoleon Rogers

Born September 23, 1878; and died at Jonesport, January 23,1958.

Charlotte "Althea"

Born October 31, 1881; and died October18, 1949.

Merrill Alley

Born May 31, 1885; died from scarlet fever July 12,1886.

Monument of Barnabus Coffin Beal, III and Phebe Stanwood Beal

The monument is the actual height of Tall Barney at 7'.

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