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Membership Roll 2024

Lifetime Members

Frances C. Alley
Stephen H. Alley
Mario Argentino
Dean Beal
Dick and Sue Beal
Lowell & Lucille Beal
Mitchell and D'Anna (Kelley) Beal
Professor and Mrs. Luther Beal
Terry Beal
Stanley and Carolyn Blish
Marcia (Beal) Brazer
Dr. William Fletcher Brazer
Brian Brown
Robert and Marshia Brown
Albert and Beth (Beal) Carver
Chelsea Carver
Richard and Suzanne Carver
Walter Carver
Reverend Gary DeLong
Susanne Doolittle
Nathan and Jenny (McGahagin) Fagonde
Loren Faulknham
Kenton Feeney
Jan Bailey Flint
Marilyn Frederiksen
Veronica Hennessey
Harvey and Marjorie Holste
Raymond & Lacey Howard
Jon Johansen
Darrell & Debbie Kelley
Stephen Kelley
Ferdinand Jones
Sharon Josephson
Nancy Sullivan and Steve Kent
Myrtle (Beal) Libby
Pamela J. Libby
Franklin and Margot Lindsay
David and Louisa McKown
Janice Beal McLennan
Dr. Dan McWiggins
Susanna Mehle
Jesse Merchant
Angela Mooney
Deborah Beal Normandin
David Loeb & Tricee Olivares
Velton Peabody
Daniel and Laurie Riley
Shaun Smith
Cheryl (Peabody) Szacik
Karen Thompson
Richard and Marie Walston
Cathy Crowley Walter

Annual Members

Charlie Alley
Joyce (Crowley) Alley
Anthony and Priscilla Beal
Barbara Beal
Calvin Jr. and Jeannine (Alley) Beal
Kevin L. and Lori Beal
Sara Lou Beal
Mercy Beal
Nancy Beal
Ray and Sandra (Woodward) Beal
Richard and Sue Beal
Robert and Shirley (Chandler) Beal
Sonny and Abbi Beal
Teresa (Carver) Beal
Mariner and Donna (Kelley) Bunker
Patricia Carver
George Crawford
Obeline (Burke) Crowley
Daniel Davis
David and Vicki Davis
George and Carol (Faulkingham) Davis
Holly Davis
Rick Delaume
Stuart Donovan
Bill and Nancy Crowley Doolittle
Eva Faulkingham
Tatiana Fisher
John and Inez (Beal) Frazier
Amy Fuller
Geoff Gordon
Jack and Carolyn (Lenfestey) Gordon
Robert and Della Grant
Michael and Renee (Davis) Gray
Nannette Herrick
George G. Herrick
Patricia Hubbard
Peggy Hughes
The Downeast Institute
Diana (Beal) Kelley
Patti Woodward Kelley
Marvin and Joanne (Beal) Kelley
Jan Kristo
Guy and Nancy Kent
Clinton and Leona (Alley) Libby
Rebecca Lombard
Sharon Magnuson
Lisa Marin
Maxine Morris
David Olden
Thurston & Brenna Peabody
Holly Faulkingham Plaisted
Bill Plaskon
Malise Prieto
James Quimby
Stephen and Louise Salzer
Elizabeth (Beal) Sawyer
Arnie Smith
Ronie Strout
Bettina White
Erroll & June Woodward
Erwin B. & Crystal Zimmerman
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